Happy Fall Y’all! Who am I kidding, I’m from Chicago where we have no accents but welcome back to Everything Under One Roof! I don’t know about you but I adore fall. Fall in Chicagoland is full of football, sweaters, and boots! As promised, let’s dive into the “trends” as well as the “Tips & Tricks” for this Fall Season.


·      Fake Trend #1…. Use decorations of the colors of the holidays in that particular season.

WRONG! Your seasonal decorations do not need to match the holiday’s coming up or the traditional seasonal colors. If your home is currently a mix of those colors, great then, by all means, use them. If your home has zero orange colors in it currently, for example, don’t waste money buying orange decorations and instead put up fall décor that matches your home style and blends well. If you have neutrals, go with neutral pumpkins and décor. If you have lots of metals in your home, why not go for metal fall décor? I mean last time I checked, orange wasn’t the only color for fall. White, browns, reds, burgundy, yellow, olive green, the list is endless…

Here are some photos to give you some examples. These are all centerpieces I put together by going to my grocery store (shout out to Jewel for 3 for $12 pumpkins) and Home Goods… my home away from home… so simple and doesn’t have to break the bank or change the style of your home. Each of these is under $25! Add a simple flannel table runner if you want more texture or leave them as is and you have fall done with your style!

Go to RCMS’s Pinterest for more ideas! https://www.pinterest.com/rcms0336


·      Fake Trend #2… More is better….

Two parts to this fake trend:

1.    This is absolutely a lie when it comes to ‘the spend’ on décor. Don’t get me wrong there are some pieces that are totally worth putting money into so that you have them for years to come but décor, especially seasonal or for a holiday, do not have to break your bank. For me, who is not a huge DIY person, although I wish I was, my favorite pieces can come from stores like Home Goods, World Market, Hobby Lobby, At Home, etc. and do just the trick. The only key is finding pieces that do not scream cheap/flimsy and finding something that will hold up so you at least get out of it what you paid for it.

2.    If you are like my husband, you can’t just have a few pumpkins you have to have the whole patch. Again, no no. The key is three! Have three pumpkins, all different sizes and see how cute that looks rather than cluttered. Have 1 mum in a beautiful pot outside with a few pumpkins surrounding it rather than a whole bed of mums. Sometimes you gotta go less to impress.



·      Decorate to your taste, not others. Although photos in magazines, on Pinterest (my fav site ever), or even on Everything Under One Roof are great to get you started. If it’s not your style its not worth it. Follow your gut and do what you like.

·      Don’t try DIY if you hate DIY. I sometimes wish I listened to this more. DIY always looks easier than it is and always looks like I can handle it. I am finally finding that is not the case and I wish I would have stopped trying a long time ago.

·      Don’t spend tons of money on a seasonal item you won’t like next year. Seasonal items and holiday décor are usually trendy. You can use tree branches and real leaves for instance rather than spending money on plastic objects. Step outside every once and a while and use what your mama gave you…Mother Nature that is. Try to find classic timeless pieces unless, hey if you got the money go for it, who am I to tell you how to spend it?!

·      Don’t be afraid to move your current decorations to a new spot in your space to make room for seasonal items. Some people take year-round décor down to fit in their seasonal items but keep in mind that seasonal items, if bought correctly, can coincide with your normal décor. Don’t fear moving items to new spaces for the season!

·      Lastly, let’s talk about my personal favorite, candles. They are a total DO! We have covered the spending, we have covered how to please your eyes with a new seasonal piece, what else comes to mind when you think of fall? The smell. The crisp air, fall leaves, bonfires, oh my! When the hubby & I are walking Bogey..shout out to the Mini Goldendoodle pup in our life, we take in all the smells possible. On any given weekend, we are either online shopping or in-store at Bath & Body Works. They are my favs and surround our house, Lavender in the laundry room, Citrus in the bathroom, Mahogany Teakwood in the bedroom…quite literally I’m obsessed. Just think, you have a beautiful entryway with your new white pumpkins and branches from your front tree, what can add even more?… The smell of “Leaves” from Bath & Body Works… you can thank me later:]

Thanks for stopping by, let’s chat again soon!