Hello Beauties,

You know that sayin…”Out with the Old, In with the New”… Take that and throw it away when thinking of your interior design. I am here to tell you, Its just not true anymore!

Don’t get me wrong or go around telling people RCMS Design said you never need to update a space or purchase new pieces, etc but what I am saying is that it is ok to reuse items. It is ok to throw some new design pieces in with an old piece. I am sitting at my computer, 7:15pm on a Wednesday evening after an exhausting day at my office and Nickelback comes on… Some of you are saying who the hell is that and others are saying OMG I haven’t heard them in forever. (Maybe that’s a good thing) But besides me being random…that got me thinking, sometimes an “oldie but goodie” is what you need to liven things up. Ever been to a bar playing Today’s Hits and a song from the 90s comes on? What happens? It livens the place, it wakes people up and everyone is loving it. That is what I am trying to say about your design elements, every once in a while you need to throw in a piece from the past, let’s say the 90s, to get your space to coincide and feel alive again.

Prime examples of this are in every storefront displaying antiques or something that looks antique. TV shows like Fixer Upper on HGTV are all about salvaging originals and using them in new spaces. I can go on and on…! So the end of the story is don’t feel like because a piece was passed down to you from your grandma and maybe doesn’t match other pieces in the house means you need to throw it away, I say it the opposite. Find a way to blend it in with other pieces or even make it a focal point with some new pieces around it in a space.

Hope this helps you toss out that old “out with the old” idea! Enjoy the challenge of keeping your old and mixing with the new!

Chow for now! Thanks for stopping in!