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With the hustle and bustle of the Holidays upon us, it is important to be organized. Anyone who knows me knows that not only do I LOVE decorating but I love to organize. Some have actually referred to it as my O.C.D but in reality, a good organizing session is like therapy to me! Not only that but it helps my life function when everything has a place and I don’t have to take hours to find things.

Tip #1

Organize your Gift-Wrapping Supplies

Any good look through Pinterest can help you find ideas that work for you but I personally have a top 3! First and foremost, get a set of plastic drawers which you can find for under $20 at any Walmart, Target, Dollar Store, etc. Label them: Gift Tags, Tape, Bows, Tissue Paper, Gift Bags. Place your items accordingly. You can also get multiple and put all Christmas in one, birthday in another, general in another. Second, get a small storage bin with holes in the sides and use this to organize your ribbons with the end always available! (come on who hasn’t spent minutes of their time trying to find the right end to pull on right!) Third, get a designated space for your wrapping paper. This can be a crate that they all lay in, a closet shelf or my personal favorite a garment bag they stand in and can be hung with! All these simple ideas are super inexpensive and will make your gift wrapping time a breeze! Just by implementing these in my life I went from spending hours going back and forth to the store for supplies I ALREADY had at home but couldn’t find and made my wrapping area neat and clutter free! You will thank me later!

P.S. my husband is adorable and reminded me that during the holiday season it’s totally appropriate and actually cute to have your gift-wrapping center available for all to see. Usually, mine is in a storage closet that I keep closed at all times but after my hubby mentioned that we decided why not make it a focal point of our decor. We now have our labeled drawers and bin of paper out on display. So cute, if you try it post pictures for all to see!


Tip #2

Create a Holiday Gift Tracker

Alright, this is a must do! First off if you have children this will help you make sure all your kiddos get the equal number of gifts so there are no tears on Christmas morning. Two this will make your trips to the store SO much easier!

Gift trackers are simple. Make a list of who you need to get gifts for…Keep the names separated a little so you have room between to write. Then start brainstorming and keeping track of the costs of each present. Along with that use color coding if you can get multiple gifts at the same store or on the same website that way there will be no multiple trips! And lastly keep a checkbox next to each item so as you get it you can check it off the list. This might totally be a mental thing but each time I check one of those boxes it’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders! Here are some links to actual cute gift trackers that you can print and go with.


Tip #3

Organize those Holiday Decorations

You may be reading this going, duh Devvon, but this is something so simple that not all do! Storing decorations can take up so much space! I decided when we bought our house in 2015 to go to the local dollar tree and to buy as many storage Rubbermaid type bins that I could find. Boy am I glad I did! I have 8 clear ones that house all my different ornaments organized by color with a Ziploc bag of the tree hooks with each one. I have 2 large bins that hold my mini decorative trees, etc. I have 1 that holds anything breakable and is lined with bubble wrap. When it’s time to bring out the Thanksgiving or Christmas decoration I can ask the hubby to bring up all boxes marked “Thanksgiving” or “Christmas” and wahlah! It takes a little while to place everything where I want but it’s all there and easily findable!

Check out this 15 ways to Store and Organize for Christmas:


All of these ideas are so simple you don’t have to be super DIY savvy to do them and they will make the difference! They work for all seasons, all holidays, and will make your home clutter free! That’s for all these wonderful websites, blog posts, etc for your tips and pointers!

Any questions let me know otherwise I’ll chat with you next time on, Everything Under One Roof!

Thanks for Reading!