Welcome back, everyone! We have done quite a bit of talking about the holidays coming up and preparing for gift buying but I forgot to mention the most important thing… Sales! I don’t know about you but I don’t have a money tree growing outside my front door. That being said, I don’t want to pay full price for items if I don’t have to. How do you find sales? Is it possible to save money even if there isn’t a sale going on at the store? How do you keep track of all the sales going on?

Best couple of tips that I have ever been given are to download the store’s apps. Whether you are an Android or Apple user (Apple all the way baby!), download your favorite store’s apps and you’re undoubtedly going to find their sales. Weekly, daily or whatever just check when you get a minute and they will have something. Some stores even keep their coupons and stuff easily identifiable so when you open the app, bam there are the coupons!

Another tip is to sign up for emails from your favorite stores and then actually read them. I have an entire email address devoted solely to shopping. I know that seems nuts but I get hundreds of emails daily and I don’t like to waste time searching through each email to find the important ones. With the separate email address getting anything shopping related I can just open my work email address or my personal one and never worry about skipping something important for work, or on the flip side, never missing an awesome sale coming up!

Last and probably the best tip I can offer is to get EBATES! Literally, the commercials are not lying. It is hands down the best thing I have done for myself. You sign up online and install the icon onto your browsers on any device you use to shop (phone, iPad/tablet, laptop, or desktop). Then when you buy anything online from groceries to clothing Ebates will alert you when you get to your desired site if they give you cash back there. You click apply and a few weeks later a check shows up in your mailbox. I kid you not I have been using Ebates for a couple of months and have earned hundreds…for doing nothing that I wasn’t already doing! Get cash back for things you will be buying anyway! So easy and huge shout out to EBATES!

Alright, hopefully, this was helpful and I inspired you to not only shop smart but save smartly too! Once again, you’re welcome ;] Catch ya next time, and as always post any sale ideas you have below! Cheers & Happy Shopping!