What’s the difference you ask? Let me tell ya…

I have had a lot of friends make comments about the fact that they don’t need a designer because they know someone that is great at decorating. Maybe they find pretty items at their local stores or they seem to “have an eye” for putting pieces together. Therefore I wanted to address that there is a difference between the two and its key to know those differences when hiring for a project.

Interior Design is not only an art form but there is a science to it. A designers job is to understand the person/people using the space and what they need it for. Then scientifically make it work in space. This is not just furnishing items that look good together, it is planning and placing electrical and lighting. It is picking a color pallet that encompasses what the people desire in their space. It is using the space to its fullest potential rather than filling it with pretty things, looking past the pretty and into the aesthetics.

Decorators furnish a space with beautiful furniture or items but do not make a room scientifically work for a person or family. They do not have the knowledge base to make a room into a designed space.

There is no problem at all with hiring a decorator if that is all that you are looking for but take a look at this awesome image below to outline the main differences and make the right choice on your next project!

Cheers everyone!!! Have a wonderful rest of your day and good luck with your next project. -DC

“Interior Designers often decorate, but decorates do not design.”