Good Evening All,

I wanted to educate everyone on what the process entails when you hire an Interior Designer. I have had lots of DM’s and emails lately with comments like, “we are scared to hire because it’s a big commitment”, “what does an Interior Designer actually do to get our project done?” or just in general “how does it work?”. All of these questions are super valid and there is a “standard” process that any good Interior Designer will follow.

Step 1: Establishing the Need for a Designer

This might seem obvious to some but it’s not to all. Why do I need an Interior Designer? Can I handle this project by myself? I have seen it done on T.V. shows before, maybe I can handle it alone. The design process of any project, big or small, is one that takes planning, designing, and execution. Most people don’t have the time or resources it takes to get this done. If a project seems like it is over your head or you don’t even know where to start but simply have an idea (or maybe not even an idea) then you need a Designer. You want to hire someone that can take the stress of planning the details, will handle scheduling the contractors and shipments, and makes sure the vision becomes a reality. If you have time and the skill set to do everything a project takes from picking colors to fabrics, to layout to electrical, etc etc. then, by all means, go for it, but if not, Interior Designers are your answer!

Step 2: Initial Consultation

This is the chance for your designer to hear and see what it is that you want. This lets them explore the space and understand what your vision for your space is. Measurements should be taken. Questions you have should be answered. And this is the time to make sure your needs and wants are made clear to your designer.

Step 3: Client Agreement

Once your designer is able to see your space they can begin putting your agreement together. This will outline the entire scope of work, start to finish. It will inform you of all charges and fee’s that they expect your project will entail, including an estimated breakdown of hours for each task to be completed. This agreement should provide you an anticipated completion date which you need to agree to with your designer.

Step 4: Design Development

Here comes the fun part!!! Your project will be designed and laid out visually for you and your designer to agree to. Your designer will likely provide you with a design board of some sort to show your colors, fabrics, furniture, layout, etc. This part of the process might include another site meeting if there were any changes they thought of or additional costs that are expected that were missed in the client agreement. This is your chance to make any changes to the project before it’s physically started.

Step 5: Approval/Project Start

Your costs have been agreed to, a timeline has been created, a design has been presented…You either approve or decline. If approved the project starts! If declined, you and your designer jump back a few steps and start again. The hope is your vision becomes a reality and you walk away with the space you wanted and more!

My hope is that this helps to settle any nerves you may have about hiring a designer. If you have any questions or concerns that I didn’t outline here, please contact us today! We are always here to help and get you started on making your dreams a reality for each space!