Hey All!

I have suddenly felt the need to address this thought that Wallpaper is out of style or for some reason “old school”. I am here to tell you that whomever thinks that is welcome to their own opinion, but is WRONG. 🙂 Wallpaper is still in style and will likely never go out of style… Here’s why:

The first reason is durability. Paint can chip, peel, scratch, show strokes and bubble. Wallpaper lasts! It is easy to clean and can withstand most stains and accidents. Try a wallpaper the next time you are designing a child’s bedroom or an adult game room. You’ll start to notice less times having to bring out the paint brush to touch up and more time enjoying a beautiful space.

The second reason is the amount of choices and the variety Wallpaper has to offer. Honestly, if you show me a Pinterest post or your favorite dream space, 90% of the time it likely has wallpaper on the wall. It shows better, the choices in color and pattern are endless, and the choices are a lot of time timeless. It offers a geographic or architectural design that you just can’t achieve with paint, at least not with custom faux painters, which = $$$. Why not have wallpaper installed and use it for years to come rather than changing the wall color every time you change the accessories or furniture.

Now yes, wallpaper can be “old school” as can certain paint colors. Wallpaper, just like paint, is a very personal decision and everyone will see it slightly different. I always recommend using an Interior Designer to tell you what goes best with your space but the notion that all wallpaper is out of style or “old” is inaccurate and uneducated. Those are my thoughts, if you need help with any wallpaper advise or color choices for that matter, please reach out!

Thanks all, -DC

3 Reasons Wallpaper Will Never Go Out Of Style
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