RCMS Design was started to share and express our passion for Design. We are here to assist in all of your design needs whether they be commercial or residential. From Organization, Home Staging and Interior Design, RCMS has a Certified team of Designers to take on your next project.

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The Process: How does it work?

Step 1: Initial Consultation This step can be done over the phone or in the space itself. The designer will walk through the clients needs for the project or space. The scope of work will be outlined, a timeline and budget will be discussed & agreed upon. Be sure to tell your designer why you hired a designer and what your ideal space will become.

Step 2: Scope of Work/Initial Quotation The scope of work is outlined for the client by the designer. This includes an estimated time frame, suggested contractors, and cost. The initial quote will be provided using an hourly rate or a lump sum price to cover the cost. Be sure to be open and honest if you have any questions or concerns so they can be addressed to make your dreams come true!

Step 3: Space Review Your designer will want to do a walk through with you in the space. This is to double check everything has been accounted for that you are looking for, to make sure you are on the same page as your designer and give the final approval to move forward.

Step 4: Begin the Project Design will be created, design will be implemented, a checklist for the client is provided as the project is completed, and your dream will become a reality!